Journal entry: September 18

The kids and I took about 5 bags of clothes and some shoes to a local thrift store. Little by little I am cleaning out the storage unit. I still have to clean the carpeting in the van and give the outside a good washing just to keep up its appearance. It is wise not to look too obvious, especially when police are nearby. The police harass us to move on or automatically assume things about you when they see you’re living out of a car or r.v. with kids. I once watched a Kent police officer drive past me when my vehicle stalled on the side of the road to go help a blond in a red convertible that had pulled over to answer her cell phone. He never bothered to stop and ask how I was doing even though I had my emergency/hazard lights on for the last 20 minutes. That same blond made a snide remark to me just prior to the stall about not having my lights on so I yelled back at her and said “You mean these lights that have been flashing for the last 15 minutes? Maybe you should look at the road, not your cell phone!”

That same officer showed up at a K-Mart parking lot where I was waiting for a friend to stop by with $20.00 for gas. A younger officer approached our r.v. and when I rolled down the window, this ass started yelling at me and threatening me saying that they got a call that I was camping out. I asked him who said that because we hadn’t been there over an hour. I then asked for his badge number and the name of his commanding officer as he had no right to talk to me that way. Little did they know that my friend with the gas money was a Seattle Police Officer.

On another occasion when my kids were in school I parked at Morrill Meadows Park in Kent just to rest for a while. I was recovering from a bad migraine seizure and just wanted to sit there until my symptoms of shaking and vertigo passed. A female officer approached my side of the Minnie Winnebago and started asking me questions but I interrupted her by saying “Pardon me officer, but are you in the habit of only harassing people of color in motor homes? I notice you completely ignored that white couple living in that car over there who are known meth addicts and that car has been sitting abandoned in this park since last week. I know the park rules and have been coming here to rest after migraines and have no intention of spending the night illegally in this park.” The officer looked stunned. She quietly walked away and I never had a problem with her after that. Too bad I can’t say the same for her colleagues.

During that same year, I met two other female officers working for the city of Kent but they were different. I had parked the r.v. at a local laundromat to do a couple of loads when I saw them approaching my r.v. I went out and asked what the problem was. They said that the lady in the latte stand had called the police because she had heard screaming coming from inside the r.v. They laughed when they realized that the “screaming” from inside the vehicle was coming from my two kids laughing while wrestling with each other. This same woman who owns the coffee stand made faces at us every time we happened to be at that laundromat. I made a point of walking straight up to her and said the next time she smiles in my face while taking my money for her crappy coffee, I’m gonna call the cops on her for driving while under the influence because I’ve seen her have a few drinks at the bar across the street and get behind the wheel……Funny but I never had a problem with her after that day.

About invisibull

Let's see now, what should I say on here to make people think I'm more interesting than I actually am...I'm a single mother of two with a passion for helping others less fortunate than myself. I like to write, finished a book and am working on another. Other than that I live a real-life video game where the goal is to get out of homelessness and provide a better future for my kids. Peace!
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One Response to Journal entry: September 18

  1. Belinda Andrews says:

    Good on you for sticking up for yourself.

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