Good morning homeless nation!

Good morning everyone! It’s a rainy grey Thursday over here but inside of me shines a bright sun. Thank you to the 11 folks that have bought my little book of poetry so far! I hope you enjoyed it and would love to see some reviews! After looking at the page I saw that this book can also be downloaded to a pc and the Kindle download appears to be free!

I also would like to say thank you to everyone who tweeted about me. I was so surprised to see all those RT’s! I guess I’m still in awe….Social media is still an avenue I seem to be constantly learning about and I do appreciate all the tips I’ve gotten so far. Now it’s just a matter of my brain retaining it all!

As I’m writing this I am thinking about my homeless brothers and sisters who slept out in the cold last night. I am thinking about the kids that went hungry yesterday and who may go hungry today. I am thinking about the parents out there who although are looking for work, have to make that pride breaking decision to fly a sign just to get through the day. Then there are the young people left with nowhere to go and no one to care.

If I could change the world, I would. But all I can do is change one day at a time because we all have to live day-to-day. So today I say…Good Morning Homeless Nation! May you get through another day and another step closer to a better way!

On another note, I posted on my Facebook page to Mr. Horvath that there are only so many “39th” birthdays he can have so I am seriously considering going to Costco’s to get an industrial size box of candles to celebrate his real age, ha ha ha ha! I bet all that candlelight will be seen from outer space! Three more days, Mark, three more days till the big 5-0! Oh and happy 16 years sobriety this year! Yay ! (applause)

I’d like to extend and invitation to come visit us on We Are Visible to say hello and share your stories with us. It’s always good to hear what you have to say and hear about where you’ve been.

I look forward to hearing from you!

About invisibull

Let's see now, what should I say on here to make people think I'm more interesting than I actually am...I'm a single mother of two with a passion for helping others less fortunate than myself. I like to write, finished a book and am working on another. Other than that I live a real-life video game where the goal is to get out of homelessness and provide a better future for my kids. Peace!
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4 Responses to Good morning homeless nation!

  1. Lyn Davis says:

    I paid for my Kindle DroidX version and was very happy to. Hope you get the proceeds!

  2. Kiokatt says:

    Just bought one of your books (have yet to read it though^.^). I read the article on Huffington Post ( that featured your blog and wanted to share this link with you:

    ~Best of luck to you and your children~

  3. Pharmk329 says:

    Hello! kkfeddg interesting kkfeddg site!

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