Let me explain something to you

Wow! Thank you to everyone who read the story ran in The Huffington Post. Thank you for sending me your emails and words of encouragement. I took a look at some of the comments on that Huffington Post and to those with less than savory attitudes, let me explain something to you…..

Personal responsiblity is something I do practice every day but since you don’t know me but feel you have the “right” to make comments about what you don’t know, thank you. Thank you for telling the world that you can’t see past your own paradigms. Thank you for jumping to conclusions about my life as I’m sure you were there for every moment of it. Thank you for assuming that I must’ve been on welfare all my life and have expectations of having a life handed to me. Thanks again for assuming that I haven’t fought for child support which by the way, doesn’t mean it can be collected from a deadbeat. One article on my life doesn’t even scratch the surface. I never said I was a victim, just one woman showing others that things can be better.

Your negative comments don’t faze me a bit. In fact, your very attitudes are what keeps the fight in me alive. You have inspired me to write a little something I like to call “Justifiable hypocrisy”.

Justifiable hypocrisy

Funny but not funny is how I see it

All these comments floating around

Why, everyone has an opinion

On who they think I am


I wonder if it occurs to them

While pointing their fingers at me

They are saying more about themselves

And the kinds of things they believe


Everyone’s got an opinion on what my life has been

But I don’t remember seeing them around

Through all my thicks and thins

I’m sure they meant to be there


Oh and while you’re on your soap box

The one that scrubs you so clean

Tell me what gives you the power

To talk so self righteously


About people you don’t really know

Or gave a damn about in the first place

Maybe if you took the time to find out

You wouldn’t have all that egg on your face


Opinions come and go so this is nothing new

In fact I was expecting it

So very nice of you

But don’t expect any thank you’s


I know where I’ve been and what I’ve done

So I’ll be just fine

It’s you I’m worried about

Because you are so very behind


And I refuse to be shoved into

That closet where you put

Everything you don’t want to deal with

Because out of sight is out of mind


I gotta do what I know is right

Even if you can’t or refuse to see

How useless it is to buy your

Justifiable hypocrisy


For the rest of us, keep your heads up and keep on fighting but while you’re at it, be careful about making judgements, nobody made you God.

About invisibull

Let's see now, what should I say on here to make people think I'm more interesting than I actually am...I'm a single mother of two with a passion for helping others less fortunate than myself. I like to write, finished a book and am working on another. Other than that I live a real-life video game where the goal is to get out of homelessness and provide a better future for my kids. Peace!
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6 Responses to Let me explain something to you

  1. pablo says:

    Good for you standing up to negative comments.

    Life is hard enough without having to worry about negativity from people you’ve never met.

    This is a wonderful post.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree. These people can keep their negative comments to themselves.

      • Jose_X says:

        Discussion is good. Without those comments, the poem might not have been written. There would also be less candid information accessible.

        On the other hand, time and energy is required to deal with negativity.

  2. Galaxian says:

    It is easy to moralize regarding the character defects of another person. Part of being human entails possessing numerous character defects and demons of one or several sorts and all tenacious as woad in the weed lot. Generally those who harp on “personal responsibility,” while meeting their own financial obligations without trouble, have neglected to stop and consider how precarious a position of respectful standing really is in our judgmental and Spencerian society. Advice to hiring managers I encountered in a business journal warns readers away from any applicant who, at any time in their life, has ever been unemployed longer than two months. There exist a plethora of factors capable of causing one’s socioeconomic circumstances to collapse abruptly, and once this has happened it becomes astonishingly difficult to recover the losses. But today ostriching heads into the sand is preferred; such calamities only happen to other unfortunates, never to us “responsible” folks.

    • Jose_X says:

      >> Advice to hiring managers I encountered in a business journal warns readers away from any applicant who, at any time in their life, has ever been unemployed longer than two months. There exist a plethora of factors capable of causing one’s socioeconomic circumstances to collapse abruptly, and once this has happened it becomes astonishingly difficult to recover the losses.

      Thanks to the Internet, its becoming much easier for individuals to combine resources and support to compete against the status quo big money approach.

  3. Jose_X says:

    Invisibull, have you considered having a guest posting here from others who are homeless?

    It would be interesting to us and probably help them (and you, for helping them).

    Maybe start off as a once-per-week contribution from a “homeless community ninja”.

    A major value of that material would be in its accounting of real-life experiences most of us don’t know about. There is intrigue in what is new and different. Simple honest commentary from a different perspective. Maybe, you can even take a two-sections-per-posting approach, where the first part is in the person’s words and the other is your take (and clean-up) to help make up deficiencies in writing from those with less skill or to otherwise give your own view of that story.

    Also, we have short-attention spans sometimes and LOTS of competition for our time. Hopefully, people can think through and try to cover a life-changing event. Try to anticipate some degree of apathy with that is less than Hollywood. We respond to being surprised.

    Also, see if you can start to collect art and stories and everything else. The goal would eventually be to make these things digital and give them life; however, there are many humans out there competing, so it always helps to provide something we might lack and to allow us to add our own value and personalization to the pot. [One great thing about digital works is that they are easy for anyone else to take and modify.]

    BTW, did you hear about this: http://www.techdirt.com/blog/casestudies/articles/20110309/05100213418/stolen-scream-photographer-discovers-his-image-is-everywhere-embraces-it.shtml

    Also, any interesting skills or hobbies hidden out there?

    Oh, and once again let me caution that there is much competition, and we are lazy, stupid, greedy, inconsiderate, and easily bored. People should expect little and keep working. Over time the little bits will add up, and you never know when a great inspiration will arrive. And the more people who can participate, homeless as well as among the wider population, the better off for everyone (digital reproduction/learning is free).

    Did I mention we don’t have much time for the mundane?

    Um.. and we enjoy entertainment, which can mean, at any given point in time, mocking other people. Rather than pretend that won’t exist, its best simply to reply intelligently and utilize that creative outpouring.

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